It’s pretty rare these days that I come across a new band and think, holy shit! These guys are the real deal! But thats pretty much exactly what I thought the first time I heard and saw Alex Maiorano’s band The Black Tales. Rowdy, slick, punk attitude, but most importantly, rock n roll to the core!

Alex Maiorano

Alex Maiorano on stage

Standing in the middle of a bustling Kreuzberg street in the pouring rain. I see The Black Tales take to the stage, one by one they get behind their gear and slowly work an intrigued but excited audience with rocking drums leading the charge followed by some excellent keyboard work and howling saxophone licks.  Maiorano takes to the stage and there begins a classic half an hour of power! This is an awesome band with every trick of the rock n roll box thrown in. Beautifully crafted songs like ‘Desperado’ have the whole audience movin’ and shakin’. The musical ability of this band is amazing, every member from the bass player to the tambourine swinging’ back up singer knows exactly what they’re doing. What really makes this gig special is the showmanship of Alex Maiorano, ex-frontman of Italian punk band One Trax Minds, this guy has obviously spent hours upon hours in rehearsal rooms and on stage developing his skills. Strutting around with the tightest jeans available and entertaining the crowd with every single move.

Let me be clear, this isn’t just some 21st century wannabe or copy rock band. Sure you can hear the influences, Stones, Otis Redding… but these guys put their own unique spin on it. Maybe because most of the band come from a punk rock background. I get the vibe that they have no rules and no formula to what they do, just classic songs and great musicianship.

As they leave the stage the crowd are howling for one more song, and the band don’t  let us down. Anything that I would change about this set? Yeah…. make sure they let you play for longer next time!!

Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales are a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated market of copycat rock bands and style-over-substance musicians. The world is waiting for them, we’re ready for rock n roll to once again, reign supreme…..

Don Mercy

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