Berlin-based Garage, Soul, Rock & Roll septet Maiorano & The Black Tales are led by Alex Maiorano on vocals, accompanied by The Duke on saxophone, Alessio D’Alessandro on drums, Ivan D.M. on guitar, Mark on bass, Luna on organ and percussionist Petros T.

Having played together in numerous bands in Italy, Alex and Alessio packed their bags for Berlin in 2010 in an effort to meet and perform with new musicians and to reach a broader audience. The pair began performing in Berlin as a folk/blues band, rearranging the songs that Alex wrote for his solo act the previous year. As more members were recruited, new songs emerged incorporating the influence of Afrika 70, New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Latin Funk and Garage Punk.

After a year of playing sweaty shows in every dirty bar in Berlin, the band released their first record “Everything Boom” on Off Label Records which was followed by a 7″ single “Decontrol” six months later.

Maiorano & The Black Tales have since gained a reputation as a wild soul, rock and roll band that command the stage with an energetic live performance which promises to have audiences howlin’, hollerin’ and shakin’ their hips every time!

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